FREE Yoga Phone Class

A monthly free offering - YOGA PHONE CLASS   SATURDAY, APRIL 20th - mindfulness meditation

Mark your Yoga Calendars for YOGA PHONE CLASS:  Saturday, April 20th 10:45am PST, which is 12:45pm CST, and 1:45pm EST. 

  • Call:605 475 4000 and enter 970445# and announce yourself.   
  • We will chat first and start class within 20 minutes.
  • Pressing *6 mutes you (so you can pee, get a drink, pet the cat…) and pressing *6 again unmutes you. If you fall asleep, you are with us!!
  • Use your name when speaking.
  • Head phones or ear phones helpful, as well as a water bottle and blanket.
  • You can be in bed, on the couch, recliner or on a yoga mat.
  • Wear comfortable loose clothing. Create a quiet space just for you!!!
  • The conference call is free, but if you use your cell, you use your minutes.

Given by Jean Di Carlo-Wagner, M.A.,  colon cancer survivor & advocate, yoga activist

Yoga Therapist,  E-RTY200, E-RYT500, certified Yoga for Cancer Survivors,  Senior Yoga


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