‘Yoga for Cancer Survivors’ en Español

Miriam’s Wish Came True

Miriam Liggett, a cancer warrior-sister, spent the month of June 2011 completing the ‘Yoga for Cancer Survivors‘ CD in Spanish. Miriam had listened to the English version every night for five years. She said to me, “Jean, I fall asleep to your voice every night”. I was joyful! I told Miriam that I wished to make the CD in Spanish. Miriam wanted to help and she did!

Miriam wanted a Spanish version, too, for the people in her heart and in her life, and in the world!! She was born in Puerto Rico and had family and friends there. One night, while advocating in Washington, DC, Miriam introduced me to her friend, Marilyn Vicens.

Marilyn Vicens, a professional transcriber, worked in Puerto Rico. Miriam recorded the ‘Yoga for Cancer Survivors’ CD in Spanish. Miriam earned her wings this past summer 2011, but we are continuing her wish!!!

‘Yoga for Cancer Survivors’ Audio Class in Spanish

Listen to or download Miriam and Marilyn’s Spanish translation of ‘Yoga for Cancer Survivors’ audio class for free below or on Soundcloud:

You can listen to or download more free meditations for cancer survivors on my Soundcloud page here.