Yoga for Cancer Patients Teacher Training I, II, III Brief Overview

The Art & Science of Teaching Yoga to Cancer Patients and Survivors
by Jean Di Carlo-Wagner, M.A.,
Certified International Association of Yoga Therapist, E-RYT500,
Ericksonian Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Yoga Alliance 200 hour Yoga School, YACEP provider

Yoga teachers who are drawn to work with cancer patients, and those in long-term treatment, are very special yoga teachers, indeed! Teaching yoga for cancer patients requires specialized skills. It requires an in depth yoga instruction and ongoing learning in the areas of: 1) research on cancer &  yoga,  2) advanced understanding of  anatomy, 3) physiology, 4)  psychology, and  5) yogic principles and philosophy. In order to support survivors, you need to be guided in developing skills in all these areas. This is the science of teaching yoga to cancer survivors.   The art of taking information and putting it into skillful use is the goal of this training.

Part I:  The Introduction: The Cancer Dilemma
Part II: Diving Into Solutions: Gaining Knowledge with Practical Application  
Part III: Putting It Altogether: Building a safe asana section  

Course Options

Part I: “The Cancer Dilemma“. It is an intensive introduction and overview, it is emotionally evocative and challenging. Anyone may take this section who wants to learn how yoga can benefit cancer survivors.  Only approved yoga teachers may take the last two sections, after completing Part I successfully.  When you completes the first section, we will have a conversation about your reflections and do a Post Test.   The first is a 30 hour/CEU’s from Yoga Alliance . You will find the course on the YA site and can rate the course.

 Part II: “Diving Into Solutions”  It is an  in depth review of researched-based literature, breathing anatomy and safe teaching practices, resources for dealing with death and dying, yogic philosophy, anatomy and physiology, and learning how to take the theoretical into the practical. You will gain more skills in using the 3 Part Teaching Construct I designed to make safe and effective classes. You will learn to use research paired with yogic philosophy to make your classes empowering for your students and for you! You will make a breathing section and a meditation section using my templates and put them up on Youtube to create FREE content for survivors.The second section is a 35 hour/CEU’s from Yoga Alliance.

Part III: It is called “Putting It Altogether”. The focus of this section is making a safe ‘asana’ section, the middle section of the 3 Part Yoga Class. The ultimate goal is that you have the skills and confidence to create a private program for a survivor or for a group class. Your final class project is a 15-20 minute audio class which is meant to be uploaded on a social media site, like YouTube, and shared. You will learn to create totally safe classes, based on both research and yogic philosophy. You will build on Part I and Part II with deeper background knowledge of cancer, its treatments, meditation and breathing practices. You will receive a Certificate in the mail, signed by me, for CEU’s from Yoga Alliance. The third section is a 35 hour/ CEU’s from Yoga Alliance

Successful completion of PART I  is necessary to move onto other parts. You may enroll for the entire program, after a conference call with me. Write to me at :

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