Yoga for Cancer Patients Teacher Training, Part I: The Dilemma

The Art and Science of Teaching Yoga to Cancer Patients & Survivors :  Part I : The Dilemma

You will gain insight and understanding, as well as, the of the following skills:

  • Empathy for the cancer patient’s  journey from diagnosis to treatment and beyond
  • Anatomy and physiology of cancer itself and the Stages of Cancer
  • Learn a “3 Part YCS Construct” for Developing a Safe and Effective Yoga Class for Survivors
  • A background of researched-based information on cancer, common types of cancer, definitions, and common treatments
  • Learn the most effective “3 Part YCS Class Model”  designed for cancer patients by a cancer survivor
  • The realities of dealing with the possibility of death and dying and what practices are used to normalize our human experience
  • How to use the 3 Part YCS Construct with both yogic philosophy and researched based techniques paired to each common treatment side effect
  • How to use research articles from Nationally Recognized Websites and to develop an outline for Yoga for Cancer Survivors (YCS) classes
  • The language of cancer, its stages, common words among survivors, and what cancer is
  • The language of Hope in a classroom with combining your new learning and the ancient wisdom of yoga (using appropriate language to support cancer patients)
  • Explore prejudices and preconceived notions of what it means to be a cancer patient
  • Linking side effects of cancer treatments and diagnosis to research based strategies, as well as, yogic principles and
    philosophy through the use of design, speech, atmosphere, and self-reflection, and research developed skills
  • The Yamas and Niyamas as the base of creating a safe and compassionate class which effectively shows tools for dealing with stress, anxiety, pain, loss, social stigma, fatigue, spiritual ‘dark night of the soul’, death and dying

 The Art & Science of Teaching Yoga to Cancer Patients and Survivors. The Teacher Training Course includes:
vimeo lecture, written feedback with every lesson, resource videos, credible websites, research articles on cancer and the use of yoga, my free ‘Yoga for Cancer Survivors’ download to deconstruct and challenging emotional tasks to build empathy and understanding.

The course begins by pressing the BUY NOW button below and costs $199.00 (US).

*You will receive 30 Yoga Alliance Approved CEU’s upon successful completion within three months of your start date (payment). If you do not finish in three months, you will have to repay for the secion.

Anyone may take PART I at anytime. Only yoga teachers who successfully complete PART I and have been approved by me, may go on to Parts II and III.

The details of Part II and Part III are on another page entitled Teacher Training Parts I, II, III.

By the time you take Part II and Part III, we will be old friends!!


Course Options

Within 24 hours of submitting your payment and email address, you will receive an email with the initial background material and a pre-test.  Start here.

Yoga Teachers who complete all three sections will receive a printed and signed certificate from me for 100 CEU’s for Yoga Alliance.
* The training you receive is only as good as the teacher who has developed the training.
* As a Certified International Yoga Therapist, a survivor, a specialist in education, and over a dozen years of teaching of cancer survivors, I have carefully crafted a therapeutic program.
* My course relies on research, personal experience and the experience of actively teaching and training other yoga teachers around the world.
* This course is the first and only Global online training.
* If you are taking training from Soul of Yoga in Solana Beach, CA, you may use my course as part of your 1,000 hour certification.

Please go to the GRADUATES page and listen to their final projects which are posted on Youtube and

Thank you for taking the The Art & Science of Teaching Yoga to Cancer Patients  and Survivors Teacher Training Course.

 Learning the art of teaching yoga to cancer patients and survivors is a calling we answer because our hearts lead us to this way of healing with yoga.