Yoga Teacher Training Overview

The “Arts & Science” course is a global, totally online teacher training with mentoring from me in each lesson. I respond to your lessons with as much depth as you put into your work.

It has three sections,
PartI: The Dilemma
Part II: The Solutions
Part III: Putting it Altogether

Each lesson will systematically develop your skills in how to teach yoga safely to cancer patients and survivors.

Overview of the Total Course:
In Part One: You will learn about cancer itself, the emotional impacts, the effects of common cancer treatments, resources which will help you learn, research on yoga and research on cancer, a 3 Part Construct for teaching
In Part Two: You will produce a safe and effective Breathing Section and Meditation section with the use of a Template, you will be guided to create lessons designed specially and easily using the Construct and the Templates
In Part Three: You will produce an Asana Section of a YCS class with 23 Typical Poses for All Students and with a Template

* Yoga teachers will learn to find researched-based techniques which are specifically helpful for cancer patients and integrate them into yogic philosophy for a safe class.
* You will learn about the most commonly diagnosed cancers and where to find trusted resources to find on going information.
* You will be taught the anatomy and physiology of breathing and how the relaxation response is the most critical state of ‘healing’ we can offer our students.
* Your final project is a to develop a three part class steeped in yogic philosophy,as well as, scientifically based practices.
* You will learn about healing at subtle levels of energy using powerful meditation and breathing tools.
* You will be given tools, teaching resources, mentorship and a lifelong resource group of other teachers from around the globe.
* You will get a Resource Guide that has taken me 15 years to develop, priceless!

These combination of scientific practices and yogic healing principles will guide your students to discover their healer within.
You will be confident and competent to teach a wide range of survivors, from diagnosis through late stage disease.

You receive 100 CEU’s from Yoga Alliance and I am submitting the course to International Association of Yoga Therapist

I am a survivor, a teaching specialist, a yoga practitioner of 33 years, and a Certified Yoga Therapist. I’ve invested hours of work to train you to be the best possible yoga teacher for cancer patients and survivors. It matters to me, because I know what I needed and still need, to live with hope and healing.

Course Options

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