Yoga Being 200 Hour Teacher Training

Yoga Being Teacher Training was started 2015 to teach underserved populations of yoga teachers at a reasonable price. I have seen the price of teaching go skyrocketing over the last ten years. There are very little diversity in the population of current yoga teachers in America. Most are white women with the ability to pay thousands of dollars to teach yoga as a hobby, because the pay rate has declined drastically over this same ten year period as studio owners say, “a yoga teacher is a dime a dozen”. So, in my own small way, I wish to improve the diversity of yoga teachers who represent their communities and have a desire to teach to others that look more like they do.

Registered Yoga School on Yoga Alliance, “Yoga Being Teacher Training”  for a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification.

I train one-to-one and it takes me up to a year to train a student. My program goes from teaching restorative yoga, to chair yoga, to traditional hatha and gentle yoga. It is actually over 500 hours of teaching and each student gets a specially designed course based on their background and ability. It is a labor of love, as the hourly cost for my services are less than 10 dollars an hour when you add all the time and training that goes into developing, organizing, training and observing.

There is one price for this one-to-one teaching and I carefully interview my students to make sure they can commit to their part of the work it takes to begin to teach yoga. They have to have been enrolled in yoga for at least six months and have their own practice to apply.

Training Cost is Sliding Scale. There are books that are required which total $200.00. Students are expected to be active yoga students in classes for at least six months and continue their classes throughout training.

Because of the individual nature and time investment it takes both the student and the teacher, we must have an hour long interview to decide if the training can meet your needs and if I have the time to start your training.

One-to-one 200 hour Yoga Being Yoga TT

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