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Yoga Phone Class: Cancer patients, survivors and caregivers

June 15th, we’re doing another Yoga Phone Class. You need no experience, no equipment and this gentle class can be done in bed. The focus is healing yoga. Going deep into relaxation, diaphragmatic breathing and meditation. Studies confirm that even at the mitochondrial level, genes are changed with mindfulness based yoga practices. Give yourself a treat. It’s free. It’s easy. It my joy to lead these classes.

June 15th, Saturday, at 5pm PST, 6 MTN, 7CST, 8EST. Relaxation and meditation combined with gentle movements are powerful antidotes to stress and support our bodies, minds and spirits!

Get on 15 minutes early if you want to chat with others

Call: 605 475 4000 and enter 970445# and announce yourself.
Use your name when speaking.

Free Conference Call is free, but if you use your cell, you use your minutes.

FREE Yoga Phone Class

A monthly free offering - YOGA PHONE CLASS   SATURDAY, APRIL 20th - mindfulness meditation

Mark your Yoga Calendars for YOGA PHONE CLASS:  Saturday, April 20th 10:45am PST, which is 12:45pm CST, and 1:45pm EST. 

  • Call:605 475 4000 and enter 970445# and announce yourself.   
  • We will chat first and start class within 20 minutes.
  • Pressing *6 mutes you (so you can pee, get a drink, pet the cat…) and pressing *6 again unmutes you. If you fall asleep, you are with us!!
  • Use your name when speaking.
  • Head phones or ear phones helpful, as well as a water bottle and blanket.
  • You can be in bed, on the couch, recliner or on a yoga mat.
  • Wear comfortable loose clothing. Create a quiet space just for you!!!
  • The conference call is free, but if you use your cell, you use your minutes.

Given by Jean Di Carlo-Wagner, M.A.,  colon cancer survivor & advocate, yoga activist

Yoga Therapist,  E-RTY200, E-RYT500, certified Yoga for Cancer Survivors,  Senior Yoga


Coming back from cancer

Nine years ago, this October 28th, I finished treatment for iiic colon cancer. I was 47, and had been a Resource Specialist for over 25 years, mostly in San Diego. But my chances of recurrence were high, so I retired early, thinking that I had about five years to live (if I was lucky).

Chemotherapy was devastating to me and not having a job was depressing and scary. I worked at home to rebuild my strength and my life’s purpose. Always a yoga enthusiast, I found I couldn’t do what I was used to doing. Others must be having the same issue – trying to find a way back to a ‘new normal’?

I became a yoga teacher and yoga activist. I am a listserv consultant on many cancer sites and made a yoga cd, gave away over 3,000. The YCS cd is now available for free download, and in Spanish, too. Russian is the next language and I hope to have it translated into as many languages as possible.

I speak at cancer symposiums and teach YCS yoga in San Diego. I am putting a 45 hour teacher training on line by January 2013. We hear so much about yoga to rebuild and regain strength, but for me, it was about dealing with the emotional, physical and psychological effects of cancer where yoga has done its greatest healing. I specialize in teaching patients in therapy and long-term treatment.

You can download hours of meditations for survivors and the 80 minute yoga class in English and Spanish for cancer survivors by going to my audio page on this website.

yoga for cancer survivors

Blessings and Love,