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Spare the Rear

Love it? Scope it!

Ever wonder what happens during and after a colonoscopy? Well, you go in after a prep of cleansing. They put leads on your heart, a pulse ox on your finger and a line for intravenous medications and you go into a small suite. The next thing you know, they are waking you up, and the doctor tells you what was in your colon. I had another sessile, or flat polyp, and the area of concern from the last flat polyp seemed clear. So, I go in another year.

People say that I am brave to go and get a colonoscopy. What’s brave? I show up. I go under. I come out and then I treat myself to comfort food and rest for a day.
Yes, the prep is not the most pleasant of experiences, however, cancer treatment is way, way worse!

March is Colorectal (anal) Awareness month, and I am begging you, please, stop avoiding colonoscopies for what
reason. It takes months to make an appointment, you can haggle over the prep solutions, I like the Miralax prep, it’s easy and fast.

I am a stage IIIc colorectal cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in 2003 of March. The week I turned 47. No more excuses, just go already!