My Loved One Has Cancer

Here are a dozen simple things you can do to help your loved one:


  1. Make a notebook with sections that the patient can take back and forth to each doctor appointment.
  2. Make a carry bag and fill it with tissues, hard candy, magazines, a notebook, pencil, water bottle, pictures of friends, and a book of uplifting says. visits.
  3. Ask questions in this manner: What day can I bring dinner over, and is there anything you don’t like? When can I come over to clean the refrigerator, is Monday a good day?
  4. Offer to drive to doctor appointments and make it a fun outing.  You are helping a warrior fight for life! Being alive and  living is important.  Focus on ‘now’.
  5. Buy thank you notes and stamps, be willing to address them; gifts happen!
  6. Prepare healthy, small-portion dinners, freeze them and deliver.
  7. Be a loving witness. Simply hold your loved one’s hand and listen; mouth closed, eyes and ears opened.
  8. If you are good at paperwork, and close enough to help with insurance issues, this is a critical task.
  9. Offer to send out ‘updates’ by email to friends and family – does a nice job
  10.  Download Yoga for Cancer Survivors CD ; go to, under Yoga Being and download meditation by me, for survivors – free
  11.  Stay Positive and be Hopeful.
  12.  Pray and make a prayer chain, it works.

Remember, healing is a state of mind and heart, not necessarily of the body!

Living well today is the best way to have a sense of wellness – yoga can really help – friends – spirituality and love

Bodies are not permanent, healing is!

We are all here temporarily, and we are all going to die, no one knows when… with hope and healing, can happen!

You can quote me on that!  Ask me for help