Community Outreach Goals and Achievements

Goals for Community Outreach 2016

Train two yoga students at the 200 hour level in San Diego through Yoga Being Teacher Trainer
Write 6 Articles for
Write 12 Articles for
Attend 4 Cancer Conferences and Conventions
Speak at 3 Cancer Conferences and Conventions (and teacher yoga)
Train-the-trainers, GLOBAL TEAM of yoga teachers to continue training YCS yoga in their countries around the world
Complete a total of 365 Yoga Tips, teaming up with Naomi Judith, my master teacher from
Monthly Phone calls to increase to two a month
The Arts & Science Teacher Training to bring 6 new teachers through the whole course
Add 10 Audio Meditations, working with Wunderglo to provide meditations for those who are dying
Attend DDNC (Digestive Diseases National Coalition) advocacy in March 2016
Attend ASCO GI in January 2016
Follow up article in Patient Advocacy publication
Participate in local ‘Blue Campaign’ in March
Continue supporting survivors through COLONTOWN and the YOGA DEN
BUDDY for Colon Cancer Alliance
Teacher a Yoga for Bone Health Class
Make Video Clips for the Yoga Den and
Medicope support and advocate
Coordinate with organizations offering meditations free to survivors
Assistant Director of San Diego Threshold Choir
Secretary of Grape Street Dog Park Volunteer User Group

Goals for Community Outreach 2015 and Achievements

  • Train 8 Yoga teachers online at the “The Art & Science of Teaching Yoga to Cancer Patients & Survivors” at
  • Writer on Yoga and Cancer (March 2015)
  • Attend 3 Oncology Conferences, ASCO with (in January 2015), Colon Cancer Alliance in AZ, and “Live Your Best Life” with COLONTOWN/ December 2015, in MN
  • Speak at oncology conferences 3 times during 2015
  • in MN, Live Your Best Life at Reusch Center 6th annual conference, planned a retreat in Texas but got delayed

  • Made 5 audio meditations for YCS patients and family on
  • Monthly Teacher Phone Clinics through YogaBeing/Facebook Page
  • Monthly YCS Yoga Phone calls open to all cancer patients and family;  Third Thursdays
  • Complete 280 total of Jean’s Yoga Tips on Yoga Being Facebook page/twitter/pinterest
  • Develop a teacher trainer from within the “Arts & Science” community
  • GLOBAL TEAM: Slovenia, Bahrain, France, UK, Holland, and USA

  • Have a Yoga Retreat with Susan Becker Reeves and Yoga Bridge in Texas with Suzanne Lindley (
  • Blog at least 6 articles this year for various publications; February 2015, I’ve been asked to blog for CURE
  • COLONTOWN facilitator of the YOGA DEN
  • Take advanced yoga teacher training in one of the following areas:  anatomy, psychology, brain & meditation
  • – attended Leslie Kasimoff Training, and Integrated Symposium on Cancer at Soul of Yoga

  • Self-training with audio and books on the use of Dream Yoga and healing
  • Provide Reiki in an integrative setting
  • Continue Yoga for Healing  class at Ginseng Yoga Studio in San Diego, Tuesdays at 11:30a.m.
  • Have 3 scholarships available to teachers desiring to work with cancer patients through “The Arts & Science” course
  • Yoga Alliance Standard’s Committee Member
  • Yoga Being Teacher Training School started December 2015
    Short story got published in “Your Glasses Are On Top of Your Head” by Brenda Elsgaher

  • Colon Cancer Alliance online support network
  • Assistant Director of Threshold Choir (attend local gathering in 2015)
  • Dog Owners of Grape Street Park, Board of Directors, raise 500.00 for grass seeding and dogs bags


Achievements for Community Outreach in 2014

  • Trained 5 Yoga Teachers to work with Cancer Patients “The Art & Science of Teaching Yoga to Cancer Patients & Survivors”  online at
  • Serve on the Advisory Board of the Standards’ Committee for Yoga Alliance
  • Made 3 yoga videos for Youtube for cancer patients
  • Make 15 yoga meditions for for cancer patients and family members
  • Monthly (12) Yoga Phone Calls for cancer patients and caregivers for free
  • Jean’s Yoga Tips:  another 70 tips for social media :  Yoga Being Facebook Page
  • COLONTOWN facilitator at the YOGA DEN
  • Attend three oncology conferences in 2014;  January in San Francisco with ASCO, March with COLONTOWN  in Washington, DC and June in Washington, DC
  • Awareness of the benefits of yoga for cancer patients in a “Patient Resource Magazine” Winter 2014 (colon cancer survivor story)
  • Blog for “The Breast Cancer Blog” by Diana Ross
  • Teach “Yoga for Healing” weekly at Ginseng Yoga Studio in San Diego
  • Yoga Retreat for Cancer Patients , TBA- moved to 2015
  • Work one -to -one with cancer patients
  • Attended “Integrative Medical Open Forum Workshops” at UCSD
  • Attended local talk called “The Death Dinner” to demystify death and dying in our culture
  • Network with other  small business owners working with cancer patients through “The Arts & Science ” page on Facebook (31 teachers)
  • Add Vimeo Content on running an online business – move to 2015
  • Presenter at Survivorville in Nashville, TN “Yoga Benefits for Cancer Survivors” – uploaded to OncologyYou
  • Use of Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn to support cancer community efforts and education about yoga’s benefits
  • Have the Yoga for Cancer Survivor digital download made available for Polish and Russian – Russian is 75% finished.
  • Give a workshop at the International Gathering of Threshold Choirs on vibrational healing and the Gayatri in San Jose
  • Facilitate a group Yoga for Cancer Survivor Yoga Teachers a Closed FaceBook Group
  • Assistant Director in Threshold Choir in San Diego, singing at over a dozen hospice services and to patients
  • Dog Owners of Grape Street Park, Board of Directors


Achievements for 2013 Community Outreach to Cancer Survivors

  • Serving as a “Yogi Bear Jean” giving 140 yoga tips and 6 Yoga Phone Calls for and COLONTOWN
  • ColonTown, Virtual “Yoga Den”  Facilitator, with 141 cancer patients and caregivers, daily Jean’s Yoga Tips and monthly Free Yoga Phone Classes
  • ColonTown, PAL Administrative Group, we are growing a virtual community of colon cancer support on FaceBook with over 1, 209 people
  •  Trained 18 yoga student in Advanced Yoga Teacher Training on line, The Art  & Science of Teaching Yoga to Cancer Patients
  • Teach three 5 hour introduction classes in San Diego,  Yoga for Cancer Survivors – Advanced Teacher Training.
  • Yoga Education Society, Vice President, Outreach Coordinator and Event Planner for its 25th Annual Dinner Event
  • Provide individualized meditations for cancer patients needing TLC  and place 10 new meditations on Being
  • Active Listserv ‘Yogi Bear Jean’ on Beat Liver Tumors, with daily yoga tips and meditations
  •, Yoga and Spirituality in San Diego, adding 10 yoga articles
  • March 1, 2013  ”Dress in Blue Day” campaign, social media advocate
  • Teach weekly  Yoga for Cancer Healing class at Ginseng Yoga in San Diego
  • Promote Yoga Activism through participating in fund raisers and awareness campaigns in Los Angeles , Chicago,  New York City with COLONTOWN and
  • Articles and interviews published in cancer related magazines and e-zines and podcasts
  • Lobby in Washington, D.C. for colon cancer research funding, the right to scanning, and attending an Oncology Seminar at Georgetown University
  • Active participant in three listserves:, ColonCancerACOR list, ColonTown
  • Youtube Video on cancer survivorship and yoga benefits (over 25 produced in 2012)
  • Direct support to cancer patients with meals, driving to appointments, phone support, email support
  • Networking with other small businesses that promote health and wellness for cancer thrivers
  •,  patient and caregiver support person
  • LiveSTRONG – San Diego Leader, March Awareness Campaign
  • Threshold Choir (San Diego Chapter), Assistant Director, social media outreach and choir director “we sing at the bedside”
  • Use of Social Media to promote awareness of cancer causes and wellness for cancer patients
  • Blogs for “Breast Cancer Yoga” with Diane Ross, survivor and teacher
  • Volunteer Coordinator for “Golden Oldies”, senior Golden owners and their dogs dogs

Achievements made in 2012 for Community Outreach to Cancer Survivors

  •, Suzanne Lindley’s non-profit for liver cancer patients – supply FREE CD’s to – YES!
  • IMERMAN ANGEL – support cancer patients and caregivers during chemotherapy
  • MARCH 2012 – Digestive Disease Health Coalition – lobbying in DC
  • ColonTOWN@FB, Social Network with a Cause
  • OSTOMY DAY, Oct.6th,  The  Virtual Picnic Event of the Year
  • Teacher Study/SISTER Study on Breast Cancer –
  • Video’s and Meditations made for free
  • LiveSTRONG – SAN DIEGO LEADER, March Awareness Day
  • Threshold Choir “singing to those at the bedside”
  • Teach Intro to teaching cancer patients in San Diego
  • Ginseng Yoga Studio, Yoga for Cancer Healing class
  • Direct support of patients in transition
  • UNDY 5000 -Colon Cancer Alliance fun run/walk 2012
  • Yoga and Spirituality in San Diego
  • Interviewed by
  • Apply to teacher at Yoga Alliance Conference 2012
  • Contribute Meditations to
  • Interviewed by CURE TODAY in July 2012 issue
  • Yoga Therapist added to list of credentials with IAYT

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