Cancer and Yoga Resources

Free Support for Metastatic Thrivers By Suzanne Lindley, my mentor

Free Meditations & Bed Yoga for Cancer Survivors by Jean Di Carlo-Wagner,

Yoga with Jean  – a Facebook Group devoted to ‘healing arts’ of yoga practices;  supporting anyone who wishes to heal

Cure Magazine, a free magazine about health and cancer innovation both online and at home subscriptions

The American Association of Cancer Research, an educational and scientific body for researchers, advocates and scientists a storehouse of information, resources and trials

American Cancer Online Resources, groups, tons of information, local resources

Imerman Angels, 1-on-1 personal pal for your journey

Colorectal Cancer Alliance, the largest non-profit that promotes education, colon cancer research and patient support

Chemo Angels, a volunteer support group for people undergoing chemotherapy. Links, news and patient information at

Silver Age Yoga, bringing FREE yoga to seniors in San Diego (chair yoga can be appropriate for some cancer patients)

The Anti-Cancer Club – an e zine  chock full of healthy ideas and

Fight Colorectal Cancer Toll Free Answer Line: 1-877-4CRC-111 (1-877-427-2111)

Patient Advocacy, an excellent free resource that provides information about every cancer in layman’s terms

Cancer Coping Center, patient advocacy

United Ostomy Association of America

National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship, fighting for all cancer patients at the local, community, and National level,

Dawn Bradford, Survivor, yoga teacher, free ezine of hope and help

Pamela Hird Klein, PDHomeopathy, a ten year homeopath with love and skill in San Diego,

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance

Lance Armstrong’s site, comprehensive cancer site with resources, phone support, free care books

A Free Newsletter covering all cancers, free magazines, a video I made for breathing exercises

Margot Malin, a caregiver who put together the best products to help cancer patients

Janet Barnes, provides free gentle yoga streaming videos,

National Institute of Health, a research base of studies and NEW Medical Trials

Does Yoga Help?

‘Yoga for Cancer Survivors’ Audio Class, click on title to download

Yoga for Cancer Survivors Audio Class

Yoga for Cancer Survivors‘ is a free audio class that is just like attending the live class in San Diego. Breathing explorations done for 15 minutes gently go into easy movements and joint openings, ending with 20 minutes of guided relaxation. More information on this and other free yoga and meditation resources is available here.

Yoga for Healing, Tuesdays at 6PM PST :  Weekly Class in San Diego, click on title to learn more details

Yoga for Cancer Survivors Class in San Diego