Yoga Teacher Training for Teaching Cancer Survivors

 Namaste. Welcome to The Art & Science of Teaching Yoga to Cancer Patients and Survivors.

At 46, I was a healthy yogi, a bit stressed at work but overall happy.  Then, I started to feel a bit bloated and fatigued. By April 2003, I was a late-stage colon cancer patient. Treatment was grueling physically and mentally. My yoga practices helped me mainly through breathing practice and healing meditation. After six months of treatment, I had a battered body, mind, and spirit. I needed specialized yoga for cancer survivors, but it didn’t exist in the community. Defying the odds of my prognosis, at age 50, I became a yoga teacher specializing in working with cancer patients and survivors. I have felt a passion to help other survivors, and now have been training yoga teachers around the world since 2010.


Yoga teachers find me from remote parts of the world, because my online course is the only in-depth training with mentorship, interaction, and a strong research base.

The  ’Art & Science of Teaching Yoga for Cancer Patients and Survivors’ is a 30 CEU’s from Yoga Alliance for the first 30 hours.

The International Association of Yoga Therapists has been approved the course as a Specialty Training with 100 CEU’s , March 2019.

I designed this course to be interactive, engaging, real-time mentorship with me, and practical.

When you are done, you will be competent and confident in teaching yoga to a wide range of patients and survivors, and those at ‘end-of-life’.